MechMaxx PTO 6in, 55-80 HP Hydraulic Wood Chipper, BX62RD

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The PTO Hydraulic Wood Chipper is a powerful and efficient attachment designed for use with tractors equipped with a power take-off (PTO) system. This wood chipper is specifically engineered to transform tree branches, limbs, and other woody debris into valuable wood chips or mulch. It is ideal for forestry operations, landscaping projects, and property maintenance tasks.

The PTO Hydraulic Mower utilizes a hydraulic drive system powered by the tractor's PTO, delivering optimal power and performance. This system ensures smooth and consistent operation, allowing for efficient cutting in various terrain conditions.

This wood chipper is constructed with heavy-duty materials to withstand demanding conditions and heavy workloads. It features a robust frame, reinforced components, and durable cutting blades, ensuring long-lasting performance and durability.

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